New Kontrol S MK3 bricked during firmware update

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Got one of these yesterday (from NI) and it's been a nightmare so far. Upon registering in Native Access I kept getting "an error occurred while processing your serial". NI support eventually registered it for me, so got past that. But now the firmware update is failing with this message "an error occurred while updating your KONTROL S MK3":

So I did just that (power-cycled the keyboard and restarted the app). And now the screen on the keyboard says "Looks like something went wrong". Restarting the keyboard 5x doesn't do anything and now the firmware update isn't working either.

I see now on the website that it says to just let it finish despite the error message, but it's a little late for that now. Seems like they ought to update the updater to show that message before others do the same.

Am I SOL here? Sure seems to be bricked. I'm a little ticked. I paid ~$100 for expedited shipping and now I've spent the past two days fighting with this thing.

EDIT: I’m on an M2 Mac and I have opened a support ticket, but was hoping someone on here might be able to help (and to warn others). Had planned my weekend around playing with this thing, so was hoping to not have to wait another couple days to hear back from them.


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    Not exactly the same for me, but also similar problems. Just got mine and started the update on the Mac. Apparently the running process does not prevent the Mac from going into sleep mode, power disconnected a sec during FW update and now the keyboard is completely useless. They are well aware of this, since they also write in their troubleshooting "This indicates that we need to replace the keyboard as the failed firmware is corrupted to the point where we need to fix it in our repair centers. If you see the above screen, please contact our Hardware Support Team".

    I would have appreciated a warning during the FW update process, now who knows how long it will take for a solution.

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    Try using both a self-powered USB-C hub between keyboard and computer (cables must be able to transmit data !) and at the same time also attach an USB-C power supply to keyboard power plug. Your keyboard do not appear as bricked from the screenshot !

  • reffahcs
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    Try a different USB-C cable if you can. I have a M2 Studio and in recovery mode the firmware update fails for me if I use the cable that came with my keyboard. I'm using one of the front USB-C/TBOLT ports. I've found that using the USB-C cable that came with my Ableton Push 3 to work much better/more reliably.

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    i also can't upgrade the firmware, is the cable broke or wrong designed?

  • reffahcs
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    See the thread I just created. My factory cable appears faulty, at best it works intermittently.

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