How to contact NI support directly via mail or phone?

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I received the S88 MK3 with the firmware update trouble that more and more customers have. So I wanted to get in touch with NI, give them a call to get my order cancels before the 14 days period will be passed. But besides the submit a ticket, I can#t find anything?

I am living in Sweden but originally from Germany, so I could get in touch with German or English speaking support.

Thank you for your help.


  • PoorFellow
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    As far as I know then there is no phone support any more if ever. You can only get in touch with customer support by opening a ticket. Incidentally then as an extra stroke of genius then N.I. decided to give their usual forum support staff person time off at the same time as their launch of the Komplete Sxx MK3 (will not be back until next month) .

  • superwotan
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    Hahahaha, I love NI one and more every day that goes...

    I guess the IT staff is on vaccation as well, so nothing will happen during October.

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