Brand new user-M32 Keyboard lighting up, all software installed, no sound??

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First ever venture into NI.

So far both disappointed and frustrated.

Using a fresh install of Windows 10 on an i7 laptop.....

I have downloaded and registered ALL software using Native Access, and plugged the M32 keyboard in using the supplied USB cable. The laptop recognized the keyboard the first time.

I have even re-installed Komplete Kontrol twice now, cannot get a single note out of the M32 keyboard, followed the help to the letter, no such thing as Monark as suggested in the getting started help. No idea what that is all about, I suspect out-of-date help maybe?

The video 'Komplete Start - Beginner's Tutorial' isn't very helpful if not using a DAW

The impression I get after several hours of trying to get this M32 keyboard to work is it does allow some, but very limited, navigation of Komplete Kontrol, but the mouse is more successful by far..

The only way I can get a sound is to click on a selected sound shown in Komplete Kontrol using the mouse, M32 keyboard does not work at all.

I was led to believe NI was a better experience than this?


After searching for solutions....Read through the KK Troubleshooting Guide

Seems there is considerably more tinkering necessary, so made sure I ticked the MIDI Keyboard input, at least now the keys on the M32 work....momentarily....Tried the OCTAVE Key Mode that went up several octaves then locked 'On' no keys working again, nothing I did could clear the locked Octave Key Mode so I unplugged the keyboard, re-plugged it in and I seemed to clear the problem.

Sorry but not appreciating the detective work necessary to get this kit working.

By the way the link at the bottom of the Help page 'I Hear No Sound When Playing the Keys of my KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Keyboard'

This is a dead link, you may want to sort this out?



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