Can't connect Z1 to Traktor Pro 3

mozartmolla Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

Anyone got any ideas about this

The Z1 will not connect properly to Traktor. I tried it out on a PC and it worked perfectly. All drivers / software were updated etc.

The MacBook uses USB C and I was using a hub to plug in - the X1 worked fine and I know power was going into the Z1 as the level LEDs lit up when connected.

Tried trouble shooting the connection by using a UDJ USB B to C cable in all ports of the the MacBook - still not working.

If anyone has got any ideas, I would really appreciate it - I've got gigs in Asia and I'm leaving next week - couldn't take my controller as it's too big to realistically take. Really only wanted to use the Z1 as an audio interface (back up in case some venues are a little rustic)




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