Lowest C to G on S61 MK2 don't give any sound. Can't solve this. Help!

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For a long time the lowest keys on my keyboard don't give any sound (C-G). The lights are on and with every VST instrument I encounter the same problem. I don't have a split keyboard on. What could I do wrong? How to solve this? I am not a technician or very much in all the detailed specifics. I can of course use the rest of the keyboard without any problemen but it is still annoying that I can't use the whole range. Some help or direction would be appreciated.



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    You could start by checking if keyboard works as should :

    For MAC : 

    Install MIDI Monitor and test your keyboard using that ! : https://www.snoize.com/midimonitor/

    For Windows : 

    Install MIDI-OX  and test your keyboard using that ! : http://www.midiox.com/

    in Midi-ox

    In Menu options -> Midi devices -> Midi input there add the N.I. keyboard entries

    Then in menu View select either 'Input Monitor' or 'Port Status'

    Input monitor will display info and port status will show small blinks when using keys

    If key-bed do not work with above program(s) then my guess is that there is a chance that there is a hardware failure , in which case contact N.I.

    Otherwise , dunno , try reinstalling keyboard drivers , ,and in MAC check for any other possible things that could disturb :  https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209554829  

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