Guitar instruments abrupt cutoff on patterns

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Forgive me if this is already asked, I searched but I might just be lacking the right knowledge to use the correct terminology - I'm a pretty basic hobbyist, but I decided to splurge on the kontakt kit, mostly for the guitars. I'm using Kontakt 7 in Logic Pro, and I'm having an issue where the pattern playing guitars (From Electric Mint and Picked Acoustic, for example) just cuts off when done, like as if the mute button was hit. Doesn't matter how I line up a MIDI note, or mess with the settings - if it's in pattern play, at the end of the pattern the audio for that track just totally cuts to zero, no fade, no nothing, regardless of the audio preset. If it's in melody mode, it doesn't have this issue, it behaves exactly like you would imagine, where after a note is hit it will apply reverb/echo/fadeout/whatever is enabled, so I'm trying to figure out if I am missing something, or if that's just a limitation of the pattern playing modes.


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    Thanks for finding that! Unfortunately following advice in that thread didn't change anything for me. Regardless of setup, even if it's just the instrument and nothing else playing a chord, on any of the guitars (Sunburst, Mint, Picked, Strummed), regardless of midi positioning, chords used, patterns used, timing or setting ahead slightly or ending on the correct point in the measure, regardless of latch setting or pattern sync - it's always the same result. It doesn't do this with melody mode or any other kontakt instruments - as best I can tell, this is a pattern play issue. The chord doesn't simply end and fade, the instrument just stops with uncanny abruptness - it sounds like if you pulled the plug on it directly at the end of the chords. I suppose on the upside, it at least is consistent, as opposed to the people in that thread as it does this EVERY time. It's just a shame, it's so jarring and actively bad sounding compared to how beautiful the rest of it is, it's a real bummer.

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    @Rochambowie Was out of office for a while, I'm jumping quite late on the topic but have you played around the keyswitches, there are dedicated ones for endings, open chord, etc...Maybe you could also post an audio example so we can tell if it's a setup issue or if it's how the instrument is supposed to behave and sound?

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