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Tell me about Reaktor Legacy modes.

Bolle Member Posts: 165 Saw


I assume that Reaktor (4/5) Legacy modes exist because some Reaktor protocols and/or Primary modules have undergone changes since the olden days.

If i would, hypothetically, want to incorporate something old and dusty that was built in R4 into an R6 project (with all the modern stuff), how would i get rid of Reaktor even so much as whisper anything at all about Legacy Mode? Complete rebuild? Would there be a way for me to sort out the Primary elements that i would need to upgrade?

Thank you!



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  • Bolle
    Bolle Member Posts: 165 Saw
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    Just noticed that "Turn off Reaktor 4 Legacy Mode" is always visible in the Settings drop-down menu.

    Never noticed it, and then when i did i started thinking maybe something was wrong with my structure.

    Never mind, carry on!




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