Lost all my projects with my Maschine MK1 and Maschine 1.8

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Hi there,

I m user of the oldie machine mk1( 2012) that i bought new and i had it 1.8.2 upgrade software, until two days ago. It was working fine very solid hardware and software with El Capitan OS X but i had a problem and i had to reinstall my operating system....

Now with OS X high sierra its not WORKING, i installed the software 1.5 thru cd and all the drivers from the site. but don't let i install the cd so i put to calendar to 2014 and installed it.

the hardware is turning on but the software doesn't open always crashing and i can't find the 1.8 update anywhere..doesn't open

I,m desperate because i have i my all files with samples saved from years and i would like to work and open the files....

can😥 someone help please



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    Have you tried this page?

    Downloads : Update Manager | Support (native-instruments.com)

    Search Maschine and near the bottom are Maschine 1.8.2 updaters...

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    hi I found it,

    but when I insert the original cd to install the software1.5 on high Sierra says that is not compatible, my concern if I buy the 2.0 update 99€ that it won't work as well because all my projects were made on the 1.8.2 software. I enter the original service center in the cd don't login I tried the legacy new one and says that my machine 1.5 is installed ....

    im really lost don't know what to do, I don't want the lost my projects from years and everything was working fine hardware and software I was using el capitan osx but I had to install a new osx .

    I just want install my mk1 in High Sierra and open my projects that are in 1.8.2....

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    You could try contacting support, but since the 1.x software and MK1 are discontinued, may not be able to assist. Another thing you could do is update to the 2.0 software (requires Mojave 10.14) to the latest version, then you would have to downgrade the software to the version prior (version 2.8.7) to the removal of the “Import 1.x” feature, convert all old projects, then re-install the latest version… that would get your projects etc. up to date, but I have no idea if the controller itself would be compatible with Mojave.

    Here is a link to Software and Hardware compatibility for older Mac OS:

    Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    and here is the article on importing 1.x projects into 2.x

    How to Import MASCHINE 1 Projects In MASCHINE 2 – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    and here is an article on Legacy installers for older mac OS.

    MASCHINE 2 Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    and hardware troubleshooting for older OS.

    My MASCHINE Controller Does Not Start – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    you just need to be sure that the OS you are running is compatible with both the Hardware and Software.

    As I have never been in your situation, I can't tell you what would be right or wrong, can only point you in the proper direction!

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    Hi,I already sort it out.

    with the 1.8.2 upgrade link that you told me I installed again el capitain OS X and installed everything again.

    and now it’s working like before very nice.

    thanks for your help 🤞🇵🇹 Mk1 since 2012 with 1.8.2 is still good enough for me 💯👍

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    Excellent!!! Glad you got it working!!!👍️

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