Installing Native Access 2. Impossible.

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I'm trying to install Native Access but it's impossible.

It looks like the problem is the installation folder for the NTKDaemon service, it just throws an error "193 0xc1 service fails to start"

I've moved the files to another location C:\NTK and change the location in the Windows registry.

Then , I can start the service.

But the problem is in the installation program of Native Access, as you try installing it again, with the service already started, the setup launches again the daemon service installation, changing again the path and her we go again to starting point.

Anyone knows how to bypass the service installation again? My user is administrator and has the required permissions. I don't know what else can I do, this is a pain in the ass....



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    You seem like quite a special person, since you are the only one I ever seen with a post count of…0…over a post 😂

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    Not the type of answer I was hoping to see here, but...good one, indeed! 🤣

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    If you want to 'fiddle' then I think that you can adjust if a process or service is running by killing process after reboot and by turning off service !

    Even with a user that is an Administrator then you could have an user access problem if it from Windows' point of view is a matter of ownership. But access problems can also be because of name of directories in the path.

    Personally I would reconfirm ownership of the original installation location by 'Take Own' and that done I would also try again from scratch by removing anything Native Access and NTK Daemon related from both drive and registry using NI's Regtool64 and forced uninstall function of REVO Pro uninstaller (trial version exists).. After having removed it all then no trace must exist on either drive , in registry or running as service or process after a reboot ! Then when you are sure that you have taken ownership of all involved location one way or the other then try installing again as an admin...

    If that doesn't work then contact support ! , you can get in touch with N.I. support here: they can help with Native Access

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