Which audio player app is the best to use with Traktor?

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Hello to you all.

I managed to replace my MK2S2 after my first one was stolen at the bar where I was a resident back in 2018. At that time, I had an iPhone, which was awesome because Traktor syncs with iTunes.

Now I own an Android, and I had a very difficult time finding an app that allows me to tag and classify songs on my phone and also sync with my computer so Traktor can read the IDs.

Do you know of any app that can help in that way? Basically, I'm searching for the Android/Windows version of iPhone/iTunes but for Android.

Although a free option would be the best, information on paid apps will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi , I am not sure about the reading Tracktor IDs or the other way around and what is needed..

    I only found this and I am far from sure if it is relevant and of any real help :

    MIXO The DJ Library


    rekordbox - DJ Software


    Cross DJ (Android) (possibly ? supports Tag editing)


    Cross DJ 4 Pro (Windows)


    MusicBee (Windows)


    MusicBee can sync items in your MusicBee library to a connected device. These are commonly Android phones or USB drives.


    There is no Android app for MB. If the "remote app" you're referring to is the MB Remote plugin (https://getmusicbee.com/forum/index.php?topic=7221.0) it is just that - a remote CONTROL so you can use your phone to control MB on your PC. Therefore you do not sync anything to the remote app. Questions regarding the MB Remote plugin should be posted on that thread so the plugin developer can address them.

    The only way to play tracks on your phone is to sync from the PC to the phone, either using the wired USB sync, or the MB WiFi Sync App (on the Google Play Store) and use your phone's music player. If you want to do two-way syncing, it's only available via the WiFi app. And -only- with PowerAmp or GoneMad players. Both have free trials so you can test before you buy. If you're not interested in two-way syncing, then just about any Android player will work as long.

    But again, -playing- music on your phone can be transferred (synced) from MB, but must be played on a music player on the phone.




    GoneMAD Music Player



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    PoorFellow thank you very much for replying.

    Im gonna try and use GoneMAD player to see if it fits my needs...

    Maybe if I explain my way of doing things will be clearer.

    I used to sync my music folder between itunes and my iphone with ratings and comments while away from home. Then, sync with my computer and update my traktor library.

    I've been using Musicolet in my phone since it has a very extensive TAG editor but it doesn't support star ratings, which i heavly use to clasify tracks.

    I know that the Music App/iTunes/Traktor integration is almost imposible to achieve but there is no loss in asking you experienced guys.

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