Random Sample Start Position for 2 Groups to maintain sync

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I am wondering how the Random Unipolar method for randomizing a sample's start position works when it comes to 2 groups. Does Group 1 receive a different random unipolar signal to group 2? I assume each group's start is randomized and therefore they lose their sync?

Is there a way to randomize the sample start positions for 2 groups? How about building on this method of using a knob to set the start position manually?

Is it possible to code this Sample Start knob to output a random signal on key press for example - as a method of starting Group 1 and Group 2 from the same random point in time to maintain sync? I could obviously hide the knob from view.

I'm guessing there is a method without even needing to use a knob to randomly output a signal?

Thanks a lot for any help.


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    As I recall, though the manual says a new random number is generated with each new note, in fact it seems to happen with each calculation. So your 2 groups will get 2 different random values.

    The way round this is to write a small script which uses a note callback to assign a random value to an arbitrary unused cc, then use that cc to modulate sample start.

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    Thanks for the info. I assumed the way you suggested was the best way to handle this. I'll do some experimentation. Pretty sure I know what I need to do.

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    This seems to do the job.

    on note
    	set_controller(110, random(0, 127))
    end on
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