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Has anyone had any luck using Reaktor as a MIDI effect and passing through MIDI notes unchanged without having hung notes?

Routing MIDI In Pitch and Gate modules directly to the MIDI Out Note Pitch/Gate modules results in notes not receiving the required note-off gate event so some are left stuck on when chords are played.

The Util blocks for doing this (Note In and MIDI Out) are monophonic.

Is seems odd that Reaktor can be used as MIDI processor but can't pass through MIDI notes unchanged.

Anyone had similar issues and found a fix?


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    EDIT: just realised you are using Blocks!=============================================================

    Blocks are not designed to work polyphonically, just use normal Reaktor Primary modules for this. Much easier, and should work... like this


    If you use mono midi modules, and hit more then one key simultaneously, you will get hung notes. Seems obvious, chords are polyphonic by nature, how could playing chords through a monophonic MIDI 'through' work?

    Look at the Midi out Note Pitch/Gate module. It takes a Gate input and a Pitch input. The instantaneous Pitch is sampled when the gate opens and closes.

    The tool tip for the module says "To send a Note-Off, for a playing note, the pitch input has to have the same value as it was when Note-On was sent."

    So if you hold a chord, the mono gate is just open (at whatever the last velocity value was), whatever was the last note of the chord to register will be turned off when the gate is released (remember its mono, so can only hold info for one note, so it will be the most recent note). All other notes will hang until they each receive an appropriate note off event.

    Have you tried switching the modules to poly mode?

  • colB
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    Remember, Blocks are specifically for monophonic modular synthesis.

    That's just a tiny bit of what Reaktor can do. For everything else (including midi processing), use Primary and core layers. The manuals are great BTW ;)

    If you absolutely MUST use Blocks, you can try my Midi In Block in the User Library, I posted it to help folk who had trouble with the Factory one hanging notes. No guarantees though, better using Primary for this IMO.

  • srs
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    Thanks colB. Switching the modules to Poly mode fixed this issue.

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