Feature Request: Allow selective hiding of updates in Native Access

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edited October 14 in Native Access

Increasingly many updates for various NI titles managed by Native Access are breaking compatibility for some users, and are officially suggested by NI to not install for affected users. From a number of NI Kontakt libraries to the new Komplete Kontrol 3.0, I now have 6 updates in my Native Access listing, that NI recommends for me not to install.

This makes it increasingly cumbersome to manage NI updates with Native Access.

This missing functionality has made me avoid any new purchases from NI (like Guitar Rig Pro 7, which otherwise interests me), so I don't have to dance around the to be avoided updates in order to get the updates I need for other titles.

The Izotope Product Portal has offered this feature for a long time already, so the new NI should have some institutional knowledge of how to implement this kind of feature.


p.s. I had originally posted this as a question and later added the Feature Request, but since that thread was never acknowledged by any NI team member, I have to assume it got lost.

So I'm posting this as a standalone feature request now in the hope that the right NI team members will see it.

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