Expansions Issue with Komplete Kontrol Software 3.0

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Firstly, thank you for the new free update. The 3.0 version looks great.

I am observing some issues with it not scanning all my Expansions properly. A lot of them are not being scanned in the "Loops" category and some don't have all the content. I am not even sure if it has scanned all my instruments, one-shots, etc. correctly. However, it looks like the main problem is with the Expansions. For e.g. Vintage Heat shows up in the One Shots category, but not in the Loops category.

I tried resetting the Komplete Kontrol database, (twice) and yes, I made sure to start it in standalone mode first (I haven't even opened it in my DAW yet). I reinstalled it, did manual scan from Preferences, etc., but nothing has helped so far.

Is anyone else facing this problem?

I am on Mac mini M2 Pro with Ventura 13.5.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 80 Advisor

    @Kaiwan_NI For your kind information.

    I would appreciate the 2.9.4 version installer for Mac in the meantime.

    EDIT: Found it here https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/13971860838173?lid=r5ocphqjyopq

  • LoveEnigma
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    1. Uninstalled 3.0 as per the instructions in Native Access.
    2. Installed 2.9.4 again and allowed it to scan everything in standalone mode.
    3. Backed up the database file/folder of 2.9.4 installation (komplete.db3). Actually, it may not be needed to back up this file since 3.0 creates a separate folder "Browser Data" for its database within the main database folder location, so the previous file exists there. But still good to backup just in case.
    4. Updated to 3.0 and opened it in standalone mode and allowed it to scan everything. Closed 3.0 app.
    5. Copied and overwrote the database of 3.0 with the 2.9.4 one scanned in step 2 above.
    6. Opened 3.0 and things look same as 2.9.4 from database point of view and the problem I mentioned seems to be solved.
  • Doobox
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    Good shout, I hadn't noticed but I see the same issue here. One shots look on the face of it to have been scanned ok, but loops are falling short.

    One shots screenshot (1), Loops screenshot (2)

  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 80 Advisor

    Thanks for confirming. Looks like a database problem. Hope the workaround I mentioned above helps you too. A bit of effort, but works fine.

    Unfortunately, I am getting "System Overload" messages in Logic Pro with 3.0, so I may revert to 2.9.4 for now.

    I think we need a bug fix update fairly soon. And yes, not sure why drag and drop is not working for loops and one-shots now. It worked in 2.9.4 and was very useful.

  • verschel
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    Same problem here overload messages in Logic.

    Back to 2.9.4 and everything is repaired.

    NI thinks we are beta testers ;-((

  • Edenorchestra
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    With the number of failures reported, I too am experiencing 3.0 as totally unusable, you have to wonder how this was possibly released.

  • RobertDorn
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    Thanks for this thread with the link to the previous version. Accidentally upgraded to 3.0 as well, that one is causing nothing but headaches over here. system hangs all over the place. Hope I can get back to work by following the steps above with downgrading 3.0 to 2.9.4

  • B.Minor
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    No worries. The database for the new KK 3.0 is stored in a subfolder. You could safely install "over" the recent install without any disadvantage; the installer will ask you in any case if you'd really like to downgrade. Just confirm that activity and you'll be good. The KK 2.X database won't be affected, so everything will then look like before the "update".

  • RobertDorn
    RobertDorn Member Posts: 38 Member

    ok, luckily got everything back to normal. Deleted all komplete kontrol files as per 'how to uninstall' guide in Native Access, except the latest user library preferences folder where I only deleted the new 'Browser Data' subfolder, as I saw the other database files in there weren't updated with the 3.0 update. Back on track running 2.9.4 again!

  • mattse
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    I'm adding to this thread to say firstly thanks @LoveEnigma for the rollback steps, trying that now and hopefully I can be back to 2.9.4 which is actually workable.

    Also to add my name to those who have horrendous issues with 3.0 in Logic, right from the point of switching - immediately unusable in terms of impact on system speed and project crashes. It does not seem reliable at all, and it's good to know it's not just me!

  • LoveEnigma
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    Thanks for your comments guys. Hope we get a bug fix update soon. I guess we could see one in a couple of weeks time around the official release of the MK3 keyboards on 31st October.

  • smg
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    same here with Logic Pro, really strange behaviour! Need to go back to 2.9.4 as well

  • Tim_NI
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    So far we cannot reproduce this issue in-house. That is of course not to say it isn't happening (it clearly is for a small number of people), nor that it doesn't need to be addressed (it clearly does).

    If anyone is willing to share an example project that would be helpful as we could start to rule a few more things out. Additionally can you let us know what is loaded inside KK (including version numbers), or is it also happening with empty instances?

    For reference, I have an M1 Max MacBook Pro, Ventura, Logic Pro 10.7.9 (which I've been with since C-Lab Notator days, but that's a whole other story!) and I am not seeing these issues with new or existing projects.

  • mattse
    mattse Member Posts: 16 Member
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    I'd be happy to share a couple of work-in-projects for you to test. I can share the same ones that completely froze on me once I'd switched.

    They do contain quite a few KK instances with 3rd party NKS, eg. Output and Slate+Ash plugins.

  • RobertDorn
    RobertDorn Member Posts: 38 Member

    Hi Tim! Sent you a message with a pro tools file that made the session hang // drop out with v3.0

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