I need some one who can write a Kontakt 5 script for me

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Hi, i got som issues with understanding the scripting language. And now i have given up on doing it my self. It just takes up a lot of time, and i dont get the results i want. Are there anyone who can do scripting who is willing to take on a job? or at least read my request and give me an estimate of how much time(time=money) it would cost to make it for me?

You can refer me to the manual as much as you like, but it seems i am mentally challenged to learn what i need, in order to get what i need. So now i´m hoping some money can solve the problem i have. I am willing to pay (at least what i can afford to pay) someone who can write the script i need.

Please contact me for more info.

Hoping for the best!



  • Bautabobb
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    Do anyone know of any member on this forum who has scripting skills and can help me?

    I would appreciate it a lot if someone pointed me in the right direction.

  • Bautabobb
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    Do anyone know where I can rent a programmer? There was not that many to on Fiverr, And It seems like they all have kind of a standard they deliver. I am looking for something else than this. Anny places I can find the KSP people for hire?

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    Ok, last post from me about this topic. (starting to feel like i am just spamming now)

    I am sorry if the way I have asked the question alienates people, or if i just asked the question at the wrong place and/or time.

    I was hoping to get some advice on this, but i guess I am stuck learning to code it my self. I know there are a lot of resources on this forum, and i know that it is possible to learn. It just takes time.

    All the best!

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    Hey there, I think there are a few people advertising Kontakt Programming on Fiverr. Maybe you can find someone.



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    I don't think you're alienating anyone. On here you get no responses if no one is able to help. VI control forum might be another place you could look for assistance. I found this place is more a specific tech support forum

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