Some external samples cannot be found (1198 remain missing

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Hello to everyone! I am tryng to help my friend with Some issues in his Maschine project. His OS is Windows 10 btw. When opening project and trying to play sound that he Made with Photon, he gets message from above! After couple times of clicking “reject” he finaly gets the sound but it is a bit annoying and I am curious on which way we can work without appearing of this message…photos are below..Thank u in advance !!


  • LostInFoundation
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    Are you sure he didn’t move some folders somewhere else? Did you try to locate them? If you make a search for a specific file (e.g. the one I see in your screenshot, Bell5-C36.wav) what is the result?

  • Paule
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    There is no issue if you save this old ens first with R5.

    If you wrote Photone without e the mistake can't gone. ^^

    Here version 1.3 for you without any issue in R6.

  • LeShow
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    Thank you so much guys for helping! I am gonna try today to fix this!

  • Paule
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    Your OS can't repair it.

    There is no way to restart R5 again in Mac OS.

    For further issues like that you had to ask a friend with windows or here again.

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