How can I get old Kore Player Sounds

Mathias Petry
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my problem is, that I mixed a single in 2014 with old Kore-Player-2-Sounds.

Now it´s time for a Remix - but the old sound files seem not to run under Windows10.

Is there any way to reload my old kore-player-soundpackage from 2002 or 2005 (don´t remember exactly) with windows 10?

Thanx, Mathew



  • ShelLuser
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    Hi Mathew,

    Welcome to the community!

    Kore... wow, that brings back some awesome memories! 😎 I can easily see where you're coming from because back in the days where I started with DAW's (way past 2005 mind you) I also quickly took a huge liking to several Kore soundpacks, my personal favorite being North India.

    Anyway... Kore has long been discontinued and as far as I know (or can tell!) all of its soundpacks have been either "converted" or re-made into other kinds of instruments. That North India soundpack I mentioned? => Kontakt's India instrument filled up that gap. And there are more examples... "Deep freq" was a pretty impressive setup (IMO) but that found its way into Reaktor's default FX settings.

    So to actually answer your question... I'm sorry to say but I sincerely doubt that your idea is going to work. Maybe, just maybe, you might be able to get the Kore player to work (Windows 10 has some really impressive backward compatibility modus) but even if you could; how are you going to use any of that in your remix?

    Instead, could you elaborate a bit here? What soundpacks and/or sounds are we talking about? Maybe we could come up with the proper replacement for whatever sound it is you're looking for.

    Now, my experiences are limited (especially back in those days, I owned approx. 3 - 4 Kontakt soundpacks) but for what's it worth all the soundpacks that I had have been replaced in a very suitable way. I held onto North India long after the facts, but when I eventually got the India Kontakt instrument (I don't remember specific details, sorry...) I decided then and there that I had to move on, so I did. I think this was around 2015 or 2016 (not sure!).

    A long way to basically say: I'm convinced that if you share what soundpack / preset (?) you're looking for then we may be able to find a suitable replacement and/or substitute.

  • Mathias Petry
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    Hi ShelLuser,

    sorry for needing so much time to answer, I´ve been off for a while ... tons of work and then the virus ... whatever...

    Yes. Actually I found no way to install my old Kore-Package that I bought lots of years ago under windows 10.

    So, what I´m looking for, is teh intro-sound, and escpacially a percussive effect, and some other kore motion pads, you can hear them a little bit at 2:09 ringdigeding far outside ...

    do you know where i can find them? or what kind of plug-ins i should by to find similar motion pads? thanx alot!Mathew

  • Mathias Petry
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    Ah stop! I found it. The Kore Player is part of NI komplete 7 !!!

    But ... next problem ... i can see the kore player, but how does the implemantiation in presonus studio one work? I can see the kontakt-player, but not the kore-player. i copied the kore*.dll in the plugins-Folder ... but ... nothing happens ..?

    can U help, please?

    Thxs Mathew

  • ShelLuser
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    Yah, there lies another problem. I'm sure the Kore player was a plugin, but I'm now wondering if it was VST1 or 2, to my knowledge everything upgraded to VST2 in those days and the previous standard got dropped.

    All I can suggest is to place the DLL which should be the plugin in the right folder. Unfortunately... it may also be depending on some specific configuration settings.

  • Mathias Petry
    Mathias Petry Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    All right! Thanks alot, I keep on trying ...

  • Ursalog
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    Hello, I'm new here and I'm also looking for an answer to this question.

    When i started home recording about 10 years ago, i quickly found Native Instruments and downloaded the Kore Player at the time. Step by step I collected various Soundpacks that i can no longer use on my new hardware under Windows 10. I have the player installed, the license and serial number are entered. The path to the Soundpacks is entered, but not a single sound appears in the browser. The window in the player is empty.

    It would be a shame if it stopped working, I liked the controls, especially the morphing, and the sounds and effects were cool too.

    Is there perhaps a bridge that makes the player available to me under Cubase Elements 12?

    Regards, Dirk

  • Paule
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    IMHO Kore player ist 32-bit vst 2.4 and Cubase is since version 11 64-bit only.

  • Karm
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    I stumbled across a Kore Player 2.11 installation file working under Win10.

    In combination with the latest update which you can still find on the NI Homepage (@Paule : 64-Bit support) it works for me, without any problems.

    if you are not seeing the sounds in the player, it is probably because your *.dlls can't find your software.

    If you reinstall it, you are asked where the VSTs and Factory Library should be put. You can check it, if you start Kore StandAlone.

    Write me a message, if you want the needed files.

    I am not sure if I am allowed to post them here even if it is an obsolete free product, because NI told me "they can not provide the library".

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