Komplete Kontrol MK2: Mixer button is not active

THOSC Member Posts: 12 Member

I use Komplete Kontrol MK2 with Windows 11 and Ableton Live 11, all updates are up to date. When I put Komplete Kontrol on a midi track in Ableton Live, sometimes the view of the plugin does not come up on the screen of the MK2. Only when I click on the keyboard symbol in the Komplete Kontrol plug-in does the plug-in appear. Even more problematic, however, is that the MK2's mixer button is not active when using multiple midi tracks, although I should be able to mix Ableton Live via the midi controller. I have already switched the keyboard off and on and opened Komplete Kontrol standalone before. The mixer function used to work, but I don't know why it doesn't work now. Where could the error be?


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