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Hello, I have created 3 tickets for my issue and it has been three weeks and I have no response. Is there any way to escalate?

I purchased Komplete 13 ultimate and the download is not showing up in native access. In my recent purchases, it says no purchase history.


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    They are busy discontinuing products

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    Mhh, have you checked your spam folder?

    Did you maybe have 2 accounts with different emails?

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    Same issue here, though not 3 weeks. When you’re down without a working unit, it’s eternal. I’m leaning toward outright being ignored at this point to be honest.

    It’s been Since Sept 26 from submitting the ticket(#4062920) to it finally being escalated to hardware support by the 28th.

    cautious not to be a pest, I sent a follow up email directly to “Rich” 8 days ago and he isn’t responsive unlike the couple days of exchanges before it finally being escalated.

    Having jump through hoops to troubleshoot by sending them data from not one but two of my personal computers to prove my systems did not cause the device not to power on.

    Even sent a video demonstrating that my usb cables worked on my Maschine mk3 just fine with volt meter demonstrating the power adapter too functioned but the KKS49 mk2 was toast.

    Shortly before the KKS49 mk2 going dead, I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the KKS49 MK3. Far from my mind at this point. +2 weeks of down time with no solution to get me back up and running. I find this odd a company not eager at standing behind their products.

    People say Akai support is bad. I dunno. When my MPC live 2 had a dead button. It may have taken them 3 days to first respond. But they gave me several reasonable options to get back up and running quickly without having to jump through warranty gate keeping or simply sent to limbo. It’s one thing to be busy, but this is far from reasonable.

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    The only way to produce any helpful answers here is to ask if @Jeremy_NI could you please take a look at if something went wrong with the tickets of brookeallysonmusic and Tsalter ?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @brookeallysonmusic I found 2 older requests (4061649 and 4067932) but in a wrong queue, how did you submit those? I found the latest one you submitted through our typeform (4075105) and escalated it, someone should get back to you.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Tsalter I'm not sure what happened here but it's true no one got back to you yet. I've escalated your case and someone should get back to you shortly. Our apologies for the delay.

  • BIF
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    @Jeremy_NI , I just want to acknowledge your efforts and say thank you. The attentiveness from you and your teammates these last few months has not gone unnoticed, and is very much appreciated!

  • Tsalter
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    @PoorFellow Thank you for drawing the attention of this matter to someone who could get the ball re-rolling.


    Thank you very much for reigniting communication. I was reached out to earlier today in which I've responded with the necessary information (again) with the inclusion of my personal address and further clarification.

    I would like to take a moment to be fair, as I'm really not someone who cares to air out my dirty laundry and make matters public that reflects poorly on a business and its endeavors.

    I feel this matter may be partly my fault, but doesn't really excuse the disconnect or follow through to bring resolution, whether it be welcomed or unwelcomed. I may be different, but bad news is better than no news.

    Forgive my being presumptuous. After researching a little more after making my comment, seems getting lost is somewhat a normal occurrence. I've never had to bother with hardware support till now, but I've not had lack of support in any other matters not hardware related with NI.

    Unless these tickets are being printed on paper and divvied out like paper leads, it's really odd this happens...more than a little. Which lends to my presumption, since I doubt digital tickets are being printed on paper to be lost or suffer extended disconnect. My coming from an industry built on client communication and servicing. A key element is prioritization to make sure the cogs are moving in the right direction with more important matters for both those providing the service and *genuine* customers getting serviced. That would be certifiable warrantied customers.

    Because I've made clear on the email that I was no longer in possession of a paid invoice (if ever I had it, since it was purchased by my ex-spouse...with my money of course), before the unresponsiveness from support. I feel, my matter was put into the; *we'll get to it, if we get to it* category as I would think warranties come first. Completely understandable. Cold shoulder...not so much.

    As I mentioned in today's response to support. I'm prepared to a accept that there is no option for a warranty repair to be granted, since I'm not able to hold up to my end and provided a paid receipt. If no one could tell me what I could do to fix it on my end, even send schematics so I can have it repaired locally. I need to know my out of pocket costs to send this in for repair to consider what makes financial sense to pursue.

    Am I sitting on a 49 key brick? Do I use out of pocket costs towards a repair for the S49 MK3? Is there even an option for out of pocket costs? To make these decisions, I need to know from the pro's. Since luck, is rarely ever with me. Timing of the unit failing, for some, untimely. For me, it absolutely right on time. No fault to NI, but being lost or filed into a bin of no priority isn't appreciated.

    edit: Was just responded to from my earlier reply as I finished writing this, in effort to assist me in finding the retailor I may have purchased this from if within the last year. Was given, but definitely not in the last year, but 2020.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Tsalter Glad I could be helpful. I would not say that lost tickets is a normal occurence, it does happen but it's marginal when compared to the number of requests we get every day. Of course no one jumps in the forum to say that everything went great. We have many departments, many issues, different territories to handle, unfortunately sometimes tickets get lost (rarely) or delayed, like in your case. I must admit, it's a really long delay. No system is perfect and we're trying our best to improve things. Again our apologies for that. For the rest, unfortunately I can't help you more, you're now in contact with our US hardware support and hopefully they can work out a satisfying outcome to your issue.

  • BIF
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    I will add that after having worked in (and been a manager in) a huge support organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of users each day in more time-zones than I knew were possible (that's right, it's a lot more than 24!), and the execution of millions of transactions on any average day of the week 24 X 7 X 365, it is not uncommon for some tickets to be lost. Or, as I used to say, "taking the scenic tour all around the corporation", haha. Anytime you can find one of those lost dogies (*) and get him back into the herd where he can be cared for by known processes, that's a good thing...because that's 1, 10, 100, 1000, or a lot more end-users you're helping.

    (*) "Dogie" (not "doggie"!) is pronounced doegee with a hard "g" (rhymes with "bogie"), and is an old west US term for a lost calf (baby cow). Bring home the lost dogies!

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