Im not able to save or change the view size in Maschine 2 VST while in studio one.

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Hello Ive recently reinstalled my NI products after losing my external drive. Ive had many problems with NI products in the pass on my desktop so Ive recently switched over to MPC for my Hardware and I have to say I really like the Expansions that are available. I also like the Maschine software but it seems now the software is giving me issues on the laptop. Im pretty close to throwing in the towel and just incorporating mpc for my beatmaking needs. I wish it wasnt this way but NI seems to put more emphasis and funding into marketing than into the actual products they make. You wpuld think NI would focus on keeping the User base they have instead of trying to get new users. Idk, for instance Maschine software hasnt recieve a major update as far as i can remember and cant even fix a simple bug. just my opinion. long time NI fan boy


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    My feeling is they DO WANT new users and losing long time customers, aware of the slow pace in progressing and their attitude towards not fixing things (let alone giving users the features they want), seems like a good thing to them

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    What are the issues you have with Maschine?

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    Is this on Windows? Not seeing this on my M1 Mac Studio in S1 (latest version) - at least I can change view size without problems, it doesn't seem to save it in any host but I'm used to that

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