Volume Faders are grouped.

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beim Mixer sind die Lautstärkeregler gruppiert. Bewege ich einen Kanal Regler, dann bewegen sich alle anderen Lautstärkeregler mit. Wie bekomme ich das weg? Zum Beispiel bei den Drums. Kick Snare, jeweils in einem Kanal. Bewegen sich beide mit.


On the mixer, the volume fader are grouped. If I move a channel fader, all other volume controls move with it. How can I remove this? For example with the drums. Kick snare, each in one channel. They both move.



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    then you have selected several pads at once, just select one and it will work like you want again.

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    Do you materially see them moving or you just mean you ear the sound lowering/raising?

    I ask this because my guess is that you are using the mixer at group level (in which case it is normal that with one fader all the sounds in that group will be affected) instead of sound level.

    Are you aware that the mixer has these 2 levels? (You can access them in the controller by using the 4D encoder up or down or in the software by double clicking on the groups names)

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    i see them materially moving. I change one and all others moving with this fader.

    I also not grouped them. Cause I want to change the volume for every channel separate.

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    Ok. Did you check Uwe303 suggestion?

    The only case we know were the faders move together is when multiple pads are selected. Even by putting different pads in the same Choke group or Link group, the faders remain autonomous.

    Note that he is not talking about grouping, but selection. You do this using the Select button on the hardware and pushing multiple pads or in the software by clicking the mouse on the sounds slots by holding CTRL to add them one by one or Shift to select all the ones contained in the selection (e.g. if you click on Sound 2 and then Sound 8 by holding down Shift, all the sounds from 2 to 8 will be selected)

    Best way you can try to see if a selection is your case is using the controller, pushing Select button and on the choices on top chose “None”. This way you will be sure that you don’t have any selection active.

    You can see if sounds are selected by the slots being colored in a lighter shade of grey

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