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giant baby
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Hello all.

these are the listed pieces in all the drummer versions from the kontact collectors edition.

kick. snare. tom1. tom2. tom3. tamb. cb.

the other kit pieces only come through the overheads.

I know how to route any of the listed options into my daw as midi or audio.

I can't figure out how to route cowbell, stick hits, crash, etc.

does anybody know a way to add a strip to the mixer, then assign one of the drums from the kit that doesn't normally have a strip on the mixer board?


how to take one of the unlisted options (cymbal-cowbell etc)

and route it so that it goes through the kick signal or the snare signal etc. and I'll run two playbacks so I can send the mix down with that articulation.

thanks for making it through the long read

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  • Uwe303
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    As far as I know it's simply not possible with cowbell, stick and so on.


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