Can Battery 4 be bug fixed for kit and sample browser list

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Hi! It's quite annoying that Battery4 at some point lost the ability to 'remember' search results, just like KK does, upon closing the plugin window and reopening it. Every time you close the Battery4 plugin window and reopen it, the kit / sample browser list opens as default on top of the search list, in the Kit tab. Quite annoying, since this was just working properly before, until it got broken at some point.

With the silicon native release, now the kit and sample browser list don't follow along when browsing samples / kits with the keyboard up and down arrows. That's really annoying too because you have to find your selected sample / kit by scrolling through the list with the mouse afterwards ...

Would be awesome if someone at NI could look into this, no action by the NI team has been taken on these bugs with Battery, so just sent out a support ticket again and post this issue again too.


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