FM8 and Massive need always an activation and less sounds with Absynth 5, why?

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I have Ableton 10 and NI Komplete 9. I installed everything and when I want to use FM8 and/or Massive, I get always the activation window. I click on activate, Native Access popped up and I can see, that they are activated. But when I for example close Ableton and later I want to work on my song, than I have again the activation window showed up. When I open FM8 as stand alone and click on activate, it disappears, but Native Access open. If I try to open it again as stand alone, than again popped up the activation window, I click on activate and it’s suddenly gone. But if I click on Run Demo, than it not disappear. The same problem I have with Massive.

I have also an other issue with Absynth 5. There I have only 30 preset, but I know there are around 300 or more. I have no idea why I have so less.

Have someone an idea what’s wrong?

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  • Just Kai
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    Very strange. I made a new clean installation from Komplete 9 and FM8 und Massiv works. But when I made a update, than I get this activation issue.

    Therefor Absynth 5 works fine now.

    Edit: I think I figured it by myself out.

    After the update, I have to install again FM8 and Massiv from my Komplete 9 and overwrite the updated files. When I open them as standalone or in my DAW, than appears not the activation window. Native Access also not show me, that I need to update them.


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