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The name is Justin N. Jara.

I came up with this system of effecting the FX Parameter in a special way. Can you take my idea and give me royalties?

Appreciate you* 😎


  • Milos
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    It is not really cool to ask them for royalties after giving an idea only.

    They need to approve the idea and create it.

    And I am not really sure they will give royalties.

    Maybe they will give you credit if the idea is really good or revolutionary.

    I gave them an idea about a new effect called MultiChannel (for GR7 Pro)

    Basically an easier and more creative version of Split Mix plugin.

    You can split the track up to 8 independent channels. Each channel has a Pan and Volume setting.

    I did not ask them to approve my idea and give me their royalties,because it sounds a bit childish.

    I only asked them what do they think about the idea.

    Couple of them said that the idea is decent but they need to discuss it first.

    They cannot just say straight away:




    Or something...

    They need to test it first.

    I think your idea is decent tho.

    But we need an outcome, not just the idea.

    You can have an amazing concept yet a total disaster of the product, but you can also have a 'not so great' idea yet an amazing outcome.

    Just giving you both a bussiness and a life lesson.

    Take care and God bless you.

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