Traktor Audio 2 mk3....?

golemus Member Posts: 3 Member

Where is successor to Traktor Audio 2 mk2....?

This is still one of the most used audio interfaces by artists on gigs, their interfaces are starting to get aged an broken and there is no replacement.

We really need an updated version. With the

  • same size
  • updated/better/more modern DAC.
  • USB-C
  • driverless installation to all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS, Linux)
  • it would be bonus if you could change one of outputs to line input in settings. In situations where you need to records something.


  • DJ Geri
    DJ Geri Member Posts: 17 Member

    It would be ideal, a new version of this small interface.

  • Andy Lemaire
    Andy Lemaire Member Posts: 43 Member

    Too bad I can't get my hands on one... So I'm looking forward to a successor too.

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