Morningstar MC6pro Maschine plus stand-alone Midi Thru

Smooshieface Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

Hi Guys,

Apologies if this is a dumb question

i am still relatively new to maschine plus

and can’t find the answer elsewhere.

I have a Morningstar MC6 pro Midi foot controller which I am using to control all my pedalboard effects I am trying to incorporate Maschine plus into the chain prior to my chase bliss Mood Mk2 to activate synth mode yet can’t seem to get Maschine Plus to send Midi messages thru to the rest of my effects if I put it early in my midi chain.

I have tried global settings but they relate to in and out being controlled and controlling other devices but I can seem to figure out how to pass midi thru.

I am sure this is user error

I have tried assigning midi globally and in sound setting

i have tried to load midi ext presets from the browser but can seem to figure it out.

any help in figuring this out would would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks in advance

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