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If I load an old Traktor collection that had different playlists, I always get todays playlist.

How can I make old playlists visible again? It means that the playlists are stored in the collection.

Best Punyesh


  • Fritz
    Fritz Member Posts: 27 Member

    Did you try import playlist?

  • punyesh
    punyesh Member Posts: 6 Member

    Thanks for your answer:

    Yes, I can import playlists. To do this, every single list must have been exported beforehand, right?

    In the German NI YT video: "Transferring your TRAKTOR collection, playlists and settings from one computer to another" it says from minute 5:53:

    ".... now all data from your collection such as PLAYLISTS, cue points and loops will be stored in Traktor ".

    PLEASE NOTE: Playlists - not just 1 list.

    So if I import a collection from 1 year ago, I should have the playlists from 1 year ago. That's how I understand it... or what do you mean?

    best regards Ralf

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