I can't move Projects from my PC to the SD card to work in standalone

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The whole reason I bought this was for portability, but I cannot move Projects to the SD card. I have followed many article on here. My SD card doesn't even show Native Instruments or Maschine or Projects. I tried a full reset. I am at a loss and about to sell this and tell everyone I know what a nightmare it's been. Any ideas?


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    Since you say that there is no traces of NI in the SD, what happens when you insert it in M+? Are you able to save things on it or see products installed in it?

    Otherwise you’ll probably have to format the SD with the specifics for M+ ( you can format it directly inside M+, under FILE (Save) > STORAGE > FORMAT)

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    Also , if card not original then be sure that it meets specifications : UHS-I, U3, Native I. Class 10, V30. A1. , ref. : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014062918-Notes-on-SD-Cards-for-MASCHINE-

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    Give more details... If you save a project on the M+ and then put the SD on your computer to browse it there is nothing there?? Never heard of such an issue.

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