Kontakt 7 separate output routing drums in Presonus Studio One Query

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I am trying out Kontakt 7 for the first time today and am making some progress - but I'm missing an important step somewhere. Using Presonus Studio One I'm trying to route a Kontakt drum plug in to separate tracks - I have seen plenty of you tube explanations and pdf's on the subject but can't get the thing to work as expected - created 8 stereo channels but the sounds always come out on one output pair.

Any help to point out what I am missing here much appreciated



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    Did you assign the sounds to the correct newly created outputs?

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    Well, I’ve tried - if I set up for example 8 stereo outputs I can’t find a way to change one and make it stick - assign the kick to 1 + 2, snare to 3 + 4 ….. then the kick jumps to 3 + 4 as well. I’m obviously only really got one stereo pair on operation - but I can’t see an obvious way to activate and access them all.

    Thanks, Brian

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    Thanks for the reply - yes I have seen these instructions and followed them carefully. Maybe not carefully enough.

    It may help if we step back for a moment and ask some different questions. I use Studio One as my DAW and under the instruments tab I have:-

    "Komplete Kontrol (VST3 and AU)"

    "Kontakt (VST3 and AU)"

    "Kontakt 7 (VST3 and AU)"

    "Massive (VST3 and AU)"

    "Reaktor 6 (VST3 and AU)"

    I thought these products came with my Presonus Sphere subscription but I now realise I must have downloaded free samples at some stage. Now, I am considering getting a Komplete Kontrol S61 Keyboard so I thought I ought to try some of the Native Instruments workflow - so using the "Pop Kit" preset I tried to get my head around creating separate outputs for these drums. And failed. Which is where the original question came in.

    SO - Questions are:-

    Given the plug ins I'm experimenting with is it possible to create separate outs? - Do I need to have "Kontakt" and "Kontakt 7"? What is the difference? Is the "Pop Kit" free sample capable of separate outs? On loading Kontakt 7 into Studio One it says "Kontakt Player" so is this the stripped down version and is it not capable of separate outs?

    If I were to take up the 1 month free trial of subscription software would I then be able to do the separate outputs stuff? I am tempted to try but given my level of confusion about the whole Native Instruments ecosystem I am wary of getting further and further away from making music and having to be more of a computer technician than I really want to be. But, but, but - I do want access to decent orchestral instruments and a modest degree of control over them - hence this research into Native Instruments offerings.

    Many thanks, long post, sorry, grateful for any advice.


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