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I used Maschine+ exclusively in standalone mode.

For some time, I've been writing melodies and harmonies in a sheet music application (flat.io) and having it play back on the Maschine+ using MIDI control. I have yet to do much of anything related to drums/beats with the Maschine+.

Today I learned of an application that can create drum patterns and export them as MIDI, which I can in turn import into my sheet music application. It then shows the drums as a single staff/instrument in the score. I would now like to have the drum track played back on the Maschine+ similar to how I've played back the piano and other melodic instruments before, i.e., by sending MIDI signals.

With a piano part, for example, I map the MIDI instrument coming from the sheet music application on my computer to a sound in Maschine+. How does that work with a MIDI drum track? Do I map it to a group such that the different drum sounds play different sounds in the group? Or do I map it to a drum sound of some type?

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    That depends, some drum presents use the group, some using for example kontakt and are using one pad/slot. But you can route midi from the pads after pad one to pad one, so you can stick with one method. You can select those pads from 2 to 16 go to midi out/destination, set pad one as target. Now you select pad two and transpose it +1, select pad three transpose it to +2, and so on. I would save that as group preset, then you just load a kit from browser to pad one and you should be ready to go. Of course after you have loaded a group drum preset you would have to load the other preset again before loading a drum instrument onto pad one. There are maybe other options as well I'm not aware of right now.

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    Ok thanks I'll give that a try.

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