Your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file

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I am running windows 11 and using Cubase 11 Pro. Ran the Native Access and updated all.

Opened a new project in Cubase 11 pro and loaded Kontakt. Tried to load Electric Mint and the error message states “your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file. Some other instruments don’t load either with the same error message.

Everything was fine before doing the updates in Native Access. Don’t use Kontakt 7 so uninstalled in case it was something to do with that but I still get the same error messages.

Everything is up to date. I’m not a very technical guy so please make your answers as simple as possible for this dummy. I really appreciate your advice.



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    It's a pain TBH.

    There are some libraries that USE to work just fine in Kontakt 6 and like you, I too do not have the full version of K7 and much prefer the layout of K6 for usability.

    However, seems that as some of these libraries are being updated by NI this is now forcing users onto Kontakt 7 to make use of them. That is about where I personally drop the instrument from daily use and switch to something else but short answer is you will need to install Kontakt 7 even if you dont have the full version, you will need the Kontakt player to use these libraries.

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    A lot of libraries have been updated lately to take full advantage of the upcoming keyboards, these update can break compatibility with Kontakt 6 or some users operating systems so we published a list of links for previous installers of these libraries, for those who do not wish to use Kontakt 7 or can't: Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries

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