Battery 4.3 - Knobs unresponsive on Mac Apple Silicon / Ableton Live 11

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Hi there.

I's been a while I didn't tweaked Battery, and recently I was on a sound design trip and found many nice samples in Battery.

But I quickly noticed that the knobs are awfully unresponsive in the GUI : it's impossible to tweak anything with a mouse, even basic stuff (like output level). The only way to tweak anything is to double-click on the number and enter a setting with the keyboard.

Of course (and even if I don't take in consideration the numerous ergonomic absurdities of Battery), it's a massive workflow killer : there's no way one can make any serious work without real time listening while a knob is tweaked (instead of doing blind jumps in the setting entering numbers).

Anyone with the same issues ?

Any way to fix it ?

Any NI representative here that acknowledge the issue ?

I'm on macbook pro M1 pro running Monterey 12.7 / Ableton Live 11.3.10 / Battery 4.3 vst3


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  • Calagan
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    Ouch... Ok I just saw it, and did read most of it.

    Indeed I've got some Waves plugins, but they are all V14 (only one or two are V13, and theoretically it's still ok) and I almost don't use them in my sessions (at least not in the faulty session).

    I noticed that Battery 4 loaded in an empty session is working fine, so now I need to find the culprit.

    Anyway, I don't get how they can blame Waves or any other plugin dev for such a bad coding THEY should fix : I don't know of any other plugin I've got that dysfunction when used alongside another plugin... And the fact they don't even mention what is the issue looks suspicious to me. I'm pretty sure it's just bad coding and they just don't have the will to fix it...

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