Is it possible to correctly connect traktor s4mk + maschine mk3 + komplete audio 6 mk2?

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Hi all!

I'm trying to connect traktor s4mk + mashine mk3 + komplete audio6 mk2 to Windows 7 for hybrid live

And everything is fine, but I can’t configure the headphone output

I tried so many options - it didn't work

There is also a problem with this system - I can’t connect a microphone to the mashine MK3

It's all very sad right now...

I don’t understand this is a Windows problem and I need to switch to a Mac

Or do you still need to buy a mixer?

Or are there any options for setting up synchronization?

If anyone has encountered connection difficulties, please tell me where to look


  • Uwe303
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    on windows you can only use one asio device with one program (with a few exceptions) so you use the s4 with traktor, and you use the maschine interface with maschine. Then you go from maschine out into the s4 line in like shown here, you simply use line in instead of the microphone. It´s also described in the manual under appendix a you connect the maschine like described for a cd player. So you could also, connect the mic to the s4 and route it to aux, and the maschine routed to deck C or D or wherever you like it. Start just with one and then add the other.

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