Figma to Kontakt is out! A Tool to help UI design and implementation

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Figma to Kontakt generates UI implementation code and helps creating buttons and fader animations. FOR FREE!

1) go to

2) sign up for an account

3) install the plugin:

4) add the Figma to Kontakt starter doc:

5) In the starter doc, UI Export page, run the plugin and login

6) Try it and let me know your impressions


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    Figma to Kontakt got updated! Now you can generate Text Files for your PNG assets directly from the plugin interface. You can also set default value, z_layer and mouse behavior from the plugin UI and that will be put in the UI implementation code. Test it out!

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    Just popping here to say Figma to Kontakt has been updated yesterday! I found sometime in the midst of all the work to squeeze a couple more goodies in there.

    • Added the functionality to create a component set for buttons from any 6 frames named 1,2,3,4,5,6
    • Added the support for multi line labels. You create a label object that has more than one line in the text node and it will automatically translate into the declaration of the label and the text inside the ui_control (up to 10 lines. I could put more but let's see how people react)

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