Anyone has notice how the new Traktor update 3.10...71 disables the NIHardwareService service?

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I had to re-install Traktor Pro three times after the upgrade...suddenly my Kontrol S4MK3 mysteriously disconnected from Traktor Pro while in operation. At first I thought it was the fact that was pushing the limits with the bass....checked the somewhat outdated articles on here...suggested that out of the many things ...check the services for the NIHardwareService ...I found it off well actually disabled...ok so put the service in auto press apply restarted then went at again....same thing...looked around at some of the articles. so for ***** and giggles I recalibrate ...restarted the computer then again find the that after the update the mixer some who defaulted I set it up as I had it before the re-set. picture attached with old settings.

so while writing this share decided to repeat the previous same steps that disabled the NIHardwareService... so far the settings on this attachment did the trick for me... by the way I am using windows 11 OBS studio 29.@$.0 and nothing has stopped fingers crossed. I hope my ramble with solution helps anyone experiencing this mysterious disabling of NIHardwareService after the update to Traktor Pro 3 Version 3.10.0 71 Cheers.


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    Hmm I wonder if this is linked to my open question around Traktor automatically closing as soon as I connect my S4mk3? It's coming up with a random NTDLL error in the logs but that's not getting me anywhere...

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