I Can't Activate Kontakt 7 - Mac OS Ventura 13.5 M2 Max

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Dear Native,

I have just bought the full version of Kontakt 7 via a crossgrade offer as I already own the DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION.

The piano collection was working fine for the last few months on what appeared to be a Kontatk 7 instrument tab in logic until this morning .. when all my logic songs alerted me that I don't have Kontakt 7.

So I followed the link in the player and bought the crossgrade ..

The serial number has been added to Native Access but now I see that the piano collection needs re-installing ? ..

So do I need to re-instal the piano collection all over again for NA to know I've got the piano collection and then to allow for activation on the Kontakt 7 ?

I was right in the middle of an album and this has cost me an entire day :/ - yourhelp and guidance would be greatly appreaciated




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    I only have nightmares when I eat too much salty food or do software upgrades!

    Community missed this one.

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    Can you open the piano libraries in Kontakt in standalone? Can you share a screenshot of "...Native Access but now I see that the piano collection needs re-installing ?"

    Also make sure to give full disk access to Kontakt and Logic: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

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