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Just a short random discussion on the SP404mk2.

As a long time SP404sx user I’m amazed at how popular this new Roland Sp404mk2 has become!

A lot of first time buyers who never touched a beat machine in their lives are picking these things up! Apparently they are still on backorder/delays through every major retailer since its announcement last October…lol

I wasn’t one of the many thousands to put in a “pre-order” only to be waiting 6+ months to get this device.

Any Sp user from the SX to the original 404 to the 303/202 knows how powerful these machines are when paired up with an MPC/Maschine.

I will wait patiently, most likely till the end of summer till this Mk2 will physically be in-store, and all the hype has died down to make a purchase. By then all the bugs and firmware updates should be smoothed out. I feel bad for all the first time buyers, and inpatient heads who got this thing already, and are disappointed because this device is waaay more complicated than its predecessors. It’s also not quite there yet with some testers saying it still feels unfinished!?

Hey @Mutis I’ve seen you post before about the SP404mk2 last year on the old forums! Did you ever get one? Anything you would like to talk about regarding this device? Looks like they are on 1.14 firmware, and this device is getting better, and better!

I love Maschine MK3 standalone paired with an SP!

I love the Maschine Software, and all its limitations!!

Remember kids,

Beat machines have no soul, and what I mean by that is ….. It doesn’t matter what gear you have also. You don’t always need the newest sampler, or the newest plugin, or the newest expansion to make something…Its all about making do with what you have.


  • jt maher
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    Guitar Center seems to have them in stock, and email I just got, but how true is this? Lol Probably instantly sold out again!

    Patience is a virtue! I just want to go to my local GC, and buy one in-store. This whole pre-order scam is a joke.


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    Hi @jt maher !

    I didn’t get it, aside shortage, because I’m less and less into grooveboxes/finger drumming… if I had money to invest on hardware standalone geoovebox I will go for the Toraiz Sp16 probably since I prefer tr secuencers and touchscreens… that’s why I got a Launchpad Pro mk3 and paired it with Launchpad app (until Loopy Pro gets the mature state you wish for sp404mk2). I wonder sometimes about getting an Mpd232 and build that Sp16 by myself but in the end is getting what triggers your workflow/joy. Mine is singing over an alive backing track more than djing/live looping as time goes so I will purchase an arranger keyboard before any tr/4x4 secuencer (and the Launchpad Pro mk3 has both but I still didn’t use it…)

    Too many options too little time and happiness with the World situation… :_(

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