Using scripts to control other instruments

Harry LeBlanc
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Okay, I'm a total newbie to kontakt scripting (though I have decades of general programming experience). I've read the ksp scripting manual (okay, I skimmed some parts), but I couldn't figure this out.

Is it possible for a script (either a script in an instrument, or a multi script) to affect events (not just midi events, but volume, pan, effects, etc) in multiple instruments in a midi? Say, e.g., to program a slider that crossfades two sounds from two different instruments together, based on slider position?

Or is each instrument's scripts limited to its own instrument, and multis just limited to pure midi manipulation?

There are tons of kontakt instruments that do something similar (e.g., Fables, Lores) with their own on-board sounds, but I already have a zillion string, brass, etc, libraries, and I'd like to script my own ad hoc instrument mixes and mashes. Is this even possible?

Thanks for help with my dumb newbie question. 🙂


  • Harry LeBlanc
    Harry LeBlanc Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Sorry, I didn't mean "multiple instruments in a midi" -- I meant "multiple instruments in a multi."

  • stephen24
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    Yeah a multiscript will do this for you. If your instruments are on different channels, you can make e.g. a volume message on one channel trigger an inverse volume message on another. Or use a third channel to trigger both.

    Bit more tricky if you want to use the same volume controls on those instruments to give them individual expression, but with a bit of simple maths it wouldn't be any problem for an experienced programmer.

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