Where's the 3.10 version on Windows 10?

It's not showing up in my Native Access updates 🙄


  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,756 Expert

    It comes in batches to avoid server's overload by all folks trying to download....

  • DJ-Andre
    DJ-Andre Member Posts: 67 Helper

    If you have RC installed, it won't be visible as NA will not check on buildnumbers (RC has 67, final has 71). You can reinstall using NA to get the final update.

  • FParadiso
    FParadiso Member Posts: 6 Member

    What does RC and NA mean?

  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 291 Pro

    RC = Release Candidate (the last beta test version before the official update is released to public) Sometimes the RC version is not the same build version as the final release due to last minute fixes

    NA= NativeAccess (Program to install NativeInstruments releases)

  • saradis
    saradis Member Posts: 4 Member

    Well who would have guessed that there was a new version of Native Access (2) and that it would show up there? I CERTAINLY COULDN'T HAVE GUESSED IT because version 1 worked fine and updated my NI stuff regularly (I also produce stuff so I've got loads of NI products). And it never prompted me to upgrade to NAv2!!!! A friend who had the same problem found out that our NA was obsolete.

    I mean, if the program made for installing/updating your software doesn't alert you that it itself has a different new version available how would you know? I'm still finding this so funny and awkward even as I'm typing it now.

  • FParadiso
    FParadiso Member Posts: 6 Member

    Thank you!

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