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I'm a guitar rig 7 user and previously guitar rig 6.

As the new version have a looper, i just bought an ampero control to use effect and mainly the looper with a pedal.

The problem is i didn't success to set up midi control. I tried with the macro bar:

  • set up a toggle buton on the play button of the looper.
  • an other on the the stop button of the looper
  • then right click on buttons on the macro bar and click on learn midi control
  • i pushed button on my ampero control previously set up on CC messages with data2 = 127

Guitar rig detected this commandes but when i push buttons on my ampero, nothing happen.

When i go back to the macro bar and play little bit with threshold level, when the level go from 49 to 50, then the action is trigger...

I tried to command other things but nothing seems to work except for the two arrow next to the name of the preset which work well when i directly set up them.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug ? I also have the same problem on guitar rig 6


  • Milkman
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    Which DAW are you on, or are you standalone?

    I immediately saw MIDI-learn and binding issues with my own pedal + GR7 + Looper Pro, and I worked around the issue only on Bitwig 5. I have not succeeded on Cubase 12, and I dont really use C12 much anymore.

    I found MIDI learn just doesnt work in DAWs. I found direct mappings from DAW to GR7 controls not working or not reliable. The way I got it working is this:

    -Create the macro control like you did - ensuring it is momentary/button mode. Drag the macro control up to the rec/play/dub button on deck A, ensuring the light blue highlight shows up next to the control being mapped.

    -(In Bitwig), select the device panel view for the channel GR7 is on. Touch (click) the macro you created, observing that control now popping up at the top of Bitwig's device panel "Macros: rec/play/dub", then "map control to key or control". This mapping works, it stays put when you close/open projects and DAWs, and Ive been using this for 3 days to good effect. I havent tried to map another pedal or anything else for other controls.

    In standalone, GR7's MIDI-learn seems to work more reliably. It certainly needs work inside DAWs.

    Also - I dont see this on any other plugin or instrument that I use, but if you for example plug GR7 into a hardware synth channel in your DAW, then use physical program change controls on your synth, those control changes get picked up by GR7 and GR7 goes crazy. No matter the midi channels for either. I have had to use GR7 as a send, or on my master out, in order to stop that. I cant seem to stop it any other way, including on Bitwig. I could disable all program change MIDI messages in/out of my synth, but that isnt ideal.

  • superdu
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    hello Milkman,

    Thank you for your reply. I don't use any DAW. I'm using GR7 standalone.

    Learn midi control work and gr7 is able to detect midi messages but for some reasons, when i push it again after set up, nothing work (or it's work when i touch manually the treshold as i mentioned on my first message).

    The only functionality which work well, is when i set up the two arrow next to the preset name.

    For this two arrow, when i push a button on my ampero, the preset is changing. But for looper or other functionality of racks, nothing seems to work.

  • Eddie_NI
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    Have you seen this thread? I think it deals with the same problem.

    Did you set the buttons to MOMENTARY mode as described there and in the manual?

  • superdu
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    edited September 2023

    hello Eddie,

    Yes, my buttons are set up on MOMENTARY mode.

    This thread is not really related to my problem as for them, the problem come from the fact that they used a DAW. Me I'm using GR7 standalone.

  • Milkman
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    I tested GR7 in standalone mode(windows 10, focusrite 18i20 interface, guitars) and did see some MIDI-learn issues, but those issues werent as bad as inside a DAW.

    I saw this... weird mapping drift, where I had mapped my pedal, tested it, found it working. Then I stopped the loops, cleared, and went to make a new loop.. and suddenly my pedal mapping was controlling some other random parameter inside GR7 ("P033 unused", "P034 unused", etc). I dont know how that happens, but I think GR7 needs some love on the subject of MIDI-learn/map.

  • superdu
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    yes probably.

    it's the version 7.0.1 so maybe the 7.0.2 will be good ^^.

    At least this thread is open so we just have to wait.

    Thank you.

  • superdu
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    ok I found a trick. I unable momentary mode on two button. I set up button not as push button but like this:

    Then i go on the application of my ampero control and i set up two buttons on momentary.

    The first button setting:

    • groupe A (when i push the button) : send data1: 30 data2 : 127
    • groupe B (when i release the button): send data1: 27 data2 : 0

    the second button:

    • groupe A: send data1 : 27 data2: 127
    • groupe B: send data1 : 30 data2: 0

    then on guitar rig i learn midi on the button play and i set up it with my first button on my ampere (so it get the value 30) and i set up the stop button with learn midi on my second button on my ampero (it get the value 27).

    It's a small dirty trick to imitate the behavior of two push button but whatever that work.

  • Wouter De Muynck
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    I was able to re-use my MIDI controller settings (Xsonic Airstep) in GR7, the only adaption I needed to do is enable the Momentary mode on both buttons.

    I have a simular configuration as you:

    Button 1 - status A

    • Trigger: Press
    • MIDI Type: Control Change
    • MIDI Channel: 1
    • CC Number: 10
    • CC Value: 0

    Button 1 - status B

    • Trigger: Press
    • MIDI Type: Control Change
    • MIDI Channel: 1
    • CC Number: 10
    • CC Value: 127

    Button 2 has the same settings, only the CC number is increased by 1, so 11.

    Via MIDI learn I tap the switches and I'm good to go.

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