Muting Four Sounds at Once

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I have the Maschine Mikro (first generation) controller. I am using the Mikro controller during a live keyboard performance to mute and un-mute the sounds I am using on my multiple keyboard controllers. I can enable a mute lock mode on the Mikro controller by holding down the "mute" button and then pressing the "control" button once. While I am in this mute lock mode, each press of a pad causes the sound assigned to that pad to be muted or un-muted. If I have more than one pad un-muted, I am able to perform and have these sounds go out to the audience.

I have a situation where I would like to have a single press of one pad cause several pads to either mute or un-mute at the same time.

Is this possible?


  • DDmUSA
    DDmUSA Member Posts: 29 Member

    Instead of loading each of the desired sounds onto a pad, I added all four sounds onto pad number five, and once I did this, the sounds showed up on pads 5 through 8. When I mute and un-mute pad number five, all of the sounds follow the mute, so I guess this is how I have to accomplish this.

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