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Just wonder if there are any plans to release a standalone version of KK keyboard to compete with AKAI MPC key. If yes, please consider option of being able to load (in standalone mode) at least one Kantakt library of our choice (3rd party as well) as well as some sort of Guitar Rig 7 (with at least one clean and one metal amp sim and at least one 4 x 12 speaker cabinet sim with option of loading IR). Thanks!


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    At this point there's really no use in even making post like this. Im sure NI is well aware that people want a standalone device that can use all the software and fx they have to offer. Even if they do have plans for this do you really think they would tell us? Then you have to ask yourself if they come with a release such as the one you wish for, will they do it right or will it be something that released and were constantly asking for things that are bare minimum. Im frustrated with the lack of updates just as much as anyone so I tried other gear and actually liked the experience. Not trying to come of as preachy or anything but I would say accept NI for what it is or go ahead and look into some competitors.

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    As far as I know, there's no plan for that in the near future, maybe it is something you can ask in this Ask Me Anything: Ask me anything: Kontrol S-Series MK3

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    Hi Jeremy! Thanks so much for this info. Yes, I also asked this in Ask me anything: Kontrol S-Series MK3 thread. Thanks again!

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