Maschine MK3 "standalone"

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Here is an idea in case you have an old Mac Mini lying around :

The only tricky part was to make the system shut down politely - I used Bome Midi Translator to translate MIDI Note On message to "turn off" command. Real booting time is a bit longer than shown in video (I did not bother to "clean" the system).

Just for the record...


  • Schmapps1
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    What a great idea. Impressive the way you set it up. I have been toying with doing this myself.

    Did you make that box yourself?

    I presume you can set the Mac Mini to just automatically boot up Maschine software when it is turned on?

    What do you mean by "I did not bother to clean the system"?


  • Kubrak
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    One could do similar thing also with Win "tablet" like MS Surface 7 Pro. Would be even smaller, it is simmilar form factor like iPad.

  • D-One
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    That's an Apple Silicon Mac Mini, right?

    An Intel one might get way too hot and thermal throttle in there with zero ventilation / air circulation unless you don't really do anything too demanding with your projects.

    I like the DIY look of the case.

  • 6xes
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    when you consider the power draw of something like a m1-Mac-mini

    it makes total sense given that you could power it easily enough with a portable power station

  • Seqsual
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    Yes, you can add Maschine app to login items and it will open automatically. By not cleaning the system I meant that I did not reinstalled/removed unused apps to increase performance.

    D-One made a good point about heat/ventilation - I used late 2012 i7 Mac Mini and it is getting warm (but not crazy warm). It is hard to see in the video but the right side panel has lot of air holes drilled and there are some openings on the back and bottom so air is flowing. It could be a a good idea to mount it so that the computer's back/vents are unobstructed on the back side. It would make it also easier to turn it on or attach USB controllers.

    Side note: I have an ancient Yamaha Clavinova digital piano and I realised the other day that I could mount the computer inside it or under the keyboard to make a "workstation funstation" Clavinova/Maschine setup.

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