M+ Change Scenes with External MIDI Controller

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I'm new to the Maschine work flow. I'm really struggling trying to get my M+ to change scenes using an external MIDI Foot Controller.

I've got the settings on the Maschine set up menu set to this:

And I've set the notes properly and the midi channel to 16 (same as M+ to receive scene change).

I'm using this FCB1010:

I've connected it via usb.

I know the two are connected and sending/receiving because I can use the foot pedal to trigger notes on an instrument. I've the the note values starting on c-2 because I read somewhere that scene 1 starts on c-2, scene 2 on c#-2, scene 3 on d-2, etc.

NOT WORKING. I've been working on. This for nine hours and losing my mind!

I got the M+ for live shows where I play guitar sometimes so I want to change scenes hands free. It s key part of my performance style.

I know scene changes can be done with external midi because I've seen YouTube videos of it.

Please please please help. Feels like I'm bashing my head on a brick wall



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