Does the Komplete Kontrol A25 integrate with Massive X?

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I am evaluating whether to purchase the Komplete Kontrol A25 along with the Massive X aax plugin for Pro Tools. I'm running on Mac OS Ventura 13.4 with an M1 MAX Chip.

Will the A25 be able to integrate as a midi controller and I can use the metronome, play, and record buttons on the A25 to control Pro Tools click tracks and instrument tracks?

Will Massive X automatically map to the knob/dials on the A25?

Thanks in advance for the assistance! Cheers!

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    I can't answer the Pro-Tools specific question, but you should be able to find that info here, secifically for Pro-Tools:

    How to Integrate KOMPLETE KONTROL with Your DAW – Native Instruments (

    As for Massive X, it does integrate with all current keyboards via NKS. For Mac, compatability is:

    macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)

    Apple Silicon Macs (native mode or using Rosetta 2)

    Please note: MASSIVE X requires an Intel processor with AVX or an Apple Silicon processor.

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    A liitle clarification: you will need to open Massive X in the Komplete Kontrol plug-in for the integration to happen.


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