Still no sustain option for pedal jack in Maschine

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Despite the fact that NI says that Maschine Mk3 and Plus have automatic detection for sustain/expression, there is no way to get a sustain pedal working on Maschine. I need this so badly. I am a live musician and need to keep my footprint smaller, and need a way to keep notes I'm playing on Maschine sustained while adjusting the master tempo. At this point NI are liars and have been since the launch of Maschine Mk3. the screenshot is from the comparison of features on their website: Insanely enough, the jack can work as sustain in midi controller mode, but not when operating as Maschine.


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    I’m here to witness this. I need this too. I have been decieved. I pitty the fool in me. Naive Instruments for naive me. Oh, well …I’m a dreamer.

    Could any representative of the liar company stand up? Please stand up. Please stand up.

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    Yeah. I've contacted support more than once, and they have passed it on the product development. I will continue to hammer on them until I die if a have to.

    I play instruments live on the pads, and need to be able to adjust the master tempo while holding down notes on them Unfortunately someone thought it was a good idea to make it so that you can't do that, because master tempo becomes tuning for the sampler instrument, which is a horrible idea. The only workaround for such a foolish system, is to use a sustain pedal to hold the note, and then adjust tempo.

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