Which headphones for bass with komplete audio 2

Hi everyone,

I have a komplete audio 2 interface. I'm a bass player and i have a few question with this interface. First, is there a headphone recommandation to plug into it ? I read that the output deliver 33 Ohm, so do i need to take one that is not above this ? My use will just be playing and recording my bass. I just precise that i have a realy small room, that why i don't buy speaker. Also my bass is an active that can be turn passive, is there any recommandation on which mode is best to use ?

For the other point, i wanted to know if there is a possibility to plug my bass into my amp before plug it into the interface ? In case i would want to add the sound of my amp to my record because it's add someting ?

Thank you all for the future answer, and sorry if my english is bad, i'm French


  • Uwe303
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    you can use HP with higher impedance but I would not go higher than 80 ohms, maybe a DT 770 80 Ohms, but a recommendation is difficult cause everyone is different. And active or passive is up to you, just be sure to activate highZ/instrument input and set the gain correctly. Some amps have a preamp output so then you can connect them to a line in of an audio interface and record that. If your amp has no preamp out you can maybe use a loadbox with a line out. And of course if you use your amp it will add the sound of the amp also EQ and stuff can be important to your sound. Maybe you can try to go directly passive into your audio interface and use guitar rig, that way you record the clean signal and you can shape the sound afterwards with guitar rig.

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    There are many that will do the job, but a question that might help narrow down options is what budget range are you looking at?

    Personally I am a fan of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro which retails for around 100 euro. Good studio headphones that you will find frequently in professional recording studios. I do use them for a wider range of things than just recording bass though.

    The Beyerdynamics mentioned above would also do the job, as would many others. In general I would prioritise studio headphones (as opposed to consumer headphones) with an established reputation, and avoid anyting with a lot of marketing hype or fancy features.

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    Thank you two for the answers. I was looking at the DT770 and i wasn't sure if i can take the 80 ohm, but if i can it will be cool ! I have a line out on my amp, i will see if it's working or not. Again thank you for your answers guys

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    You might want to try some in ear monitors, as the fact they're sitting inside your ears rather than on or over, provides a better seal and gives better bass. They also don't need very much output to get a decent volume.

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    and in ears you can use as monitors for gigs too, maybe - so a good option too

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