Unique cue points per tune per 'mixtape'


It would be amazing to me at least if there was a way to create a 'mixtape' playlist that for each of the tunes within, there were a unique set of cue points for each.

This would be very useful in a number of ways

1) A given tune will have different optimum cue points when mixing into other tunes (to avoid clashing lyrics of different songs for example). If you have a mixtape planned deleting the current and adding new every time the tune is used is a nightmare and wastes so much time.

2) If there were cue points per 'mixtape' there could be many different tunes that would mix into the tune in question (across all those different mixtapes created over time) with the unique given cue points for each and when mixing on the fly, if there was a way to search all of the other tunes that follow the tune in question in the other mixtapes, you could immediately make a decision of what the next tune to mix should be (with the correct cue ponts all ready to avoid clashes and ensure the optimum mix). Would help with my poor memory if anything else!!

3) This allows a library of mixes with a given tune to be formulated giving the dj more options and creative choice and aid in reacting better to crowd/party conditions etc.

4) Would be useful for scratch djs (or djs just wanting to add some sample flavour) as well for cueing different samples for a given scratch sample track or acapella, for different mixtapes.

5) This would also create a more cohesive relationship with dj and the platform in my opinion as over time you would build up a library of mixes (some might have been from years ago) that can be called up for the track playing in an instance making the djing experience more enjoyable.

Anyway, fingers crossed this is considered as I think it would be a sea change in the way cue points could be used with the addition of the 'mixtape' feature.


  • The Waxsurgeon
    The Waxsurgeon Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Note, I use the numbered cue points for both a ref to where I should start the record from for the mix, but also where it should mix out...

    This is obviously very different for the given tune to be mixed into different tracks. With this new 'mixtape' feature I would need 2 unique cue points per track at the very least..

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,772 mod

    I think I get what you are saying. That would be same as duplicating tracks, then renaming them and finally setting different cue points for each different copy?

  • alec.tron
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    edited September 2023

    Good idea - but I'd question the usefulness & workflow of this being playlist or 'mix' based...

    For me, this ties into an ancient feature request - a way to store in/out mixes / favourite track combos for any given track - where having a set of cue points for any given in/out mix, would be an additional great to have; but, this would need to be stored & loaded in relation to the in/out track, not the general mix (for user workflow & dev complexities imo)...

    Alas, this imo is a rather complex undertaking, which would need to happen hand in hand with the long overdue browser / metadata handling & workflow rework (assuming this really addresses most of the points that have been regularly mentioned by the user community over the last 2 decades...), and NI is already struggling (assuming due to internal management priorities, not vision/execution issues) with implementing & following up with the communicated main points on the roadmap as is (i.e. browser rework & flexible beatgrids specifically.... each of them being rather complex as well, and need to be well done...).

    All in all, I wouldn't get my hopes up - but I am hoping NI, when addressing the browser topics, is keeping great quality of life suggestions such as this on board & in mind, as this is the only way to keep users, or even win them back...


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