Is there anyway to get Guitar Rig 5 to work on Mac M1 so it is not in "Demo" mode?

Jamie S
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I had been running Komplete 8 on an ancient 2008 Mac using mac OS 10.7. I was happy. I made lots of music.

The computer died so I have bought a Mac Mini, dumped Protools and switched to Logic. I have been able to reinstall most of my old NI libraries.

No attempts to get Guitar Rig5 back on board have succeeded. NI will say it is discontinued and won't work on an M1 chip. Other people say it can.

My Guitar Rig 5 still happily works on my old laptop with no problem but I really want it to work on my new DAW. I believe it is a serial number issue and once, you could contact service centre and reactivate but now you can't.

Guitar Rig5 Pro appears in my list of NI products on Native Access but it still comes up as the demo version.

Not only did I really like this plug in, I have tonnes of unfinished songs that used that plug in so I am kind of hung here.

Can anyone please help me out before I throw the computer in the bin and take up pottery?

Thanks Jamie S

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